About Us

Body Clinic is an Australian company, specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of skin management and anti-ageing equipment within the beauty and aesthetic industries. We understand the industry and we also understand the demands of your clients.

We are also the exclusive distributor of the Novita range of products which include the AHA/BHA Mask, Hydrating Mask, Triple Action Cleanser, Oxygen Serum as well as a selection of Peels.

You need profitable treatments and happy clients!

The days of facials consisting of cleansing and rubbing pleasant products on a face – essentially ‘fluffing and puffing’ are over. Today’s client will stand and look in a mirror and say, “Do I look younger ? Did I get the lift I expected? Do my lines appear to be less? Does my neck look less wrinkled?” The informed client is wanting results and is wanting to see them instantly !

Body Clinic equipment achieves real, meaningful results enabling the therapist to charge real, meaningful prices for all treatments. All items of Body Clinic equipment are low maintenance, easy to operate and use minimal consumables and products.

The purchase price of all equipment is extremely affordable and represents excellent value within the market place.Our equipment has been pre-approved for financing/leasing by competitive independant financiers.

Our paramedical Microdermabrasion system is used, and recommended by, industry giant True Solutions both in Australia and New Zealand and Body Clinic is a preferred equipment supplier of the A.P.A.A. and the A.A.B.Th and is also supported by A.P.A.N. through the on-going educational program.

Our sales approach is education based. We help you to truly understand the basic principles under which a service works, not just how a particular piece of equipment works.

Our aim is to aid and smooth your decision making process, not to fuel confusion and misunderstanding with irrelevant slogans or unrealistic claims.

We hope you find our website informative. Happy browsing!