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Why choose Novità Oxygen Therapy ?

This is a very good question. Many ‘other’ systems use the theory of spraying oxygen gas at the skin. This gas is firstly not stabilized so, instead of it being an anti-ageing treatment the chances are that it is actually ageing the skin. Anything used on the skin that is in an un-stabilized form has a ‘weak’ outer structure and consequently has a greater ability of changing from a radical (anti-ageing) into a free radical (ageing).

If we spray a gas, the vast majority of it will bounce off the skin and simply dissipate into ‘thin air’. This theory works exactly the same no matter what gas it is, even with oxygen gas….approx 99.9% of it is going into the treatment room and not penetrating into the clients skin! Even if we use a serum or liquid in the spray gun hopper while spraying the oxygen, this will not uptake the oxygen gas. In general to get a gas into a serum, the serum needs to be of a molecular size and structure that it will readily absorb the gas and, getting a gas into any liquid usually needs to be conducted under controlled vacuum pressure, literally ‘driving’ the gas into the serum.

Mother Nature was very clever when she designed skin; it is almost impervious to anything. It needs to be; otherwise when we went swimming we would fill with water and sink.

There is, of course, one exception to this. For absorption into the skin to take place the product, and therefore the ingredients in the product, must be of a certain molecular size and structure that can be utilized. This is one of the reasons why product manufacturers spend so much time and money on research and development.

How does Novità Oxygen Therapy Work?

Novità Oxygen Therapy works by using a clever carrier fluid that will carry pure stabilized oxygen to where it is needed most in order to reduce the visible appearance of ageing by softening, smoothing and plumping the skin.This carrier liquid has a unique ability to hold up to 95% of its’ own weight in pure, stabilized oxygen. As we have already discussed, the stability of the oxygen is a paramount requirement when using oxygen therapy treatments as a tool to slow down the visible signs of ageing.

The further away a skin cell is from the dermis (its’ only source of oxygen) the thinner, less ‘active’ and less resilient the cell becomes therefore, the less ability and capacity it has in fighting both the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that aid and abet the ageing process.

The carrier liquid continues to work for around 6 hours post treatment; therefore maximum treatment results are achieved after this time.