All Body Clinic equipment come with:


Your clients demands are fluid. Their ‘goal posts’ are continually changing and, if you wish to maintain a healthy client base, the services you offer need to meet and exceed these demands.

Many equipment suppliers offer basic training only, ie. the basics of conducting a microdermabrasion, microcurrent or oxygen therapy treatment, (which is fine if you wish to only offer basic treatments) however, this level of training is unlikely to win you many new clients, nor significantly increase your profit levels.


Well, in general, a typical modern client is very knowledgable and is a sophisticated user of home-care products. The problem is that, in many cases, they have already experienced the ‘basic’ services (possibly at another salon) without achieving any real results. Which is the reason why they are coming to you!

These clients’ demand real results. And these results are only achievable if you, the therapist, have an in-depth knowledge of the correct treatment protocols and equipment capabilities.

This is where our equipment and training gives you the smart edge over your competitors!

We teach you more than the basics of microdermabrasion, microcurrent or oxygen therapy.

We take you onto the next level!

Is there another level?

Yes, there certainly is! We help you bridge the gap between beauty therapy and cosmetic surgery by teaching you about combination therapies. After all, your role, using equipment, technology and product, is to prolong the period your client has before needing or electing to undergo surgical intervention for as long as possible. Then, if cosmetic surgery has been undertaken, your role is to respect your client’s choice and to maintain and enhance the overall results of the surgical intervention.

We consider equipment to be the launching pad for your salon services. No single piece of equipment, treatment or product is the answer to your clients’ problems. Our training is all about combination therapies and multi-layering, which is why it is multi-layered and tailored to cater for your needs and demands in order to satisfy your clients’ needs and demands!

What are combination therapies?

Combination therapies offer you, the salon, the absolute freedom required to achieve truly astounding results in the shortest possible space of time through maximising the use of various pieces of equipment, technique and product. The demand for appearance enhancement services is on the increase, which is why we teach skin management, preventative and anti-ageing treatments – how to offer your own customised prescriptive speciality treatments, which treats the clients concerns and problems on a one-on-one level.

‘Free on-going servicing for the life of the equipment’ guarantee

We are so sure of our design technology and that our equipment is engineered to the highest possible standards that we commit to guaranteeing you free on-going servicing for the life of the machine.

Simply return the equipment to us whenever you feel that a service is necessary.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge for parts, should these be required, and we ask that the equipment ‘housekeeping’ recommendations are adhered to and that only recommended Novita consumables are used.

Quarterly Newsletters

Our quarterly newsletters are used to keep you absolutely up-to-date in respect of technology, treatment protocols and products, in a fluid market.

Our commitment is to keep you ahead of your competition.