“Today consumers are searching for more ‘results’ orientated treatments. They want to walk out of the beauty salon/clinic, experiencing treatments where they can see the results! I am happy with the equipment we currently use from the body clinic, as I know we can get results for our clients, which keep them coming back time and time again. Our philosophy at Timeless & Ageless is to concentrate on keeping our existing clientele, because new clients cost more to attract. Our long term (some over 12 years) clientele keep coming back, so I know we are doing something right.

Timeless & Ageless currently uses the bio-ultimate platinum and the bio-synthesis LED light systems. Within the clinic, these systems are in constant use and we have to be careful not to double book our machinery!

The bio-synthesis is my favourite machine. Before purchasing it, I looked at other LED machines available on the market. With the other brands, the client is required to do a series of 12 sessions, with a minimum of 3 before you can show any effect to the skin. Because of the energy output of the bio-synthesis, you can cut you treatment programs in half.

These days people want rapid if not instant results, are time poor and more money conscious. It’s clear to me why this system is the best on the market. I am also happy with the service and support provided by the Body Clinic. They are at the forefront in skincare.”

Shantelle – Timeless & Ageless, Balwyn

“Body Clinic provides the more advanced Skin therapist with the tools to promote a business that can cater for all skin and client needs. They provide not only state of the art equipment and products they also provide the ultimate in care and guidance in any area of your business. They helped me become a well know business with the sophisicated treatments.”

Rebecca – Beauty on Pryde, Camp Hill

“I would like to thank Irena for the prompt service; living in North Queensland, we often have to rely on delivery of products in a timely manner and rely on others to tell us what is available.  Irena always notably fulfils my expectations, and by sending samples allows us to make informed decisions to order correctly. We have been using the paramedical micro dermabrasion and LED Light therapy machine for over 12 months now, and has brought us a new  clientele and increased our sales notable.  The crystals used with the micro machine are of a high standard and give great results to our clients who come back time and time again.”

Roxanne – Ella Bache Willows, Rockhampton

“I have been using Bio Therapeutic Non Surgical Facelift in my salon for over 15 years.  My current model is Bio Ultimate Gold and I will be updating to the Platinum version soon.  When used as a course of treatments, after the 4th/5th session, clients mention that their friends comment on how healthy they look, a shame that the clients wish to keep their beauty routine a secret. Skin does look more refreshed and has a youthful glow and after the 6th treatment, I notice the skin firming.  When the ultimate result is achieved, with regular maintenance, the skin arrests at that stage and very little ageing occurs….. some of my clients have been with me since I started the first treatment.”

Alison – Paris Potions, Tamworth

“….thank you for the service and support you have provided to us over the past three years. As you are aware the Novita system has been working very hard and has proved just as reliable as you promised it would, to the extent that it is now providing 48% of our income!

….your advanced training session with the girls last week was a key factor in our decision to expand. We have picked up twelve new clients in this week alone!”

Marie Page – salon owner

“The success of the Bio-Synthesis – inconjunction with the Novita microdermabrasion – has been a significant factor in our acquisition of a second salon.”

Heidi – Heidi’s Body and Skin Care, Tewantin and Noosa Junction

“Our focus is in the deeper action treatments and working at the cellular level to give out clients real results. The Bio-Synthesis certainly gives us the results we demand.”

Elizabeth – Skin Revision, Perth