Shantelle Quarrell – Timeless & Ageless

Today consumers are searching for more ‘results’ orientated treatments. They want to walk out of the beauty salon/clinic, experiencing treatments where they can see the results! I am happy with the equipment we currently use from the body clinic, as I know we can get results for our clients, which keep them coming back time and time again. Our philosophy at Timeless & Ageless is to concentrate on keeping our existing clientele, because new clients cost more to attract. Our long term (some over 12 years) clientele keep coming back, so I know we are doing something right.

Timeless & Ageless currently uses the bio-ultimate platinum and the bio-synthesis LED light systems. Within the clinic, these systems are in constant use and we have to be careful not to double book our machinery!
The bio-synthesis is my favourite machine. Before purchasing it, I looked at other LED machines available on the market. With the other brands, the client is required to do a series of 12 sessions, with a minimum of 3 before you can show any effect to the skin. Because of the energy output of the bio-synthesis, you can cut you treatment programs in half.
These days people want rapid if not instant results, are time poor and more money conscious. It’s clear to me why this system is the best on the market. I am also happy with the service and support provided by the Body Clinic. They are at the forefront in skincare.